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  • Gradient Grey lenses
  • Ebony veneer wood
  • Mashed stones
  • Square shape
  • 1.1 Tac polarized lenses
  • Cat 3 UV protection
  • Spring hinges
  • Each pair includes a durable carrying case
  • Measurement : 142 > 18> 143


Gradient grey sunglasses have their entire lenses tinted with the top part being darkest. The stylish sunglasses have become popular to both men and women. The sunglasses are hence perfect for driving as they shield the eyes from overhead sunlight while allowing light to penetrate on the bottom half of the sunglasses thereby providing a better view of the dashboard. The sunglasses also provide protection against sunlight thereby allowing a person to walk devoid of tripping upon things when indoors. The gradient lenses also allow other people to see your eyes while making one look so fascinating and stylish. The sunglasses are made of wood hence durable.


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