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Sun Cloud



  • Green lenses
  • 1.1 Tac Polarized to minimize harmful UV light
  • Ebony laminated wood
  • Cat 3 UV400 protection
  • Square shape
  • Each pair includes a durable carrying case
  • Measurement: 142 > 16 > 143


The appearance of the green lens with the dark bamboo is just incredible. The Rouch wooden sunglasses scream out its eco-friendly nature stylishly. Sunglasses with beautiful green lenses are reputable for their better contrast as they transmit color more accurately as compared to other lenses. They also add a little tint to the user’s vision when compared to other lenses such as grey and black. These lenses are ideal for low-light and sunny environments as they have a means of minimizing glare whilst brightening shadows. The Rouch collection, unisex sunglasses are made of 100% wood hence lightweight and amazingly durable. The polarized lenses neutralize glare from sunshine permitting the user to have clear view regardless of bright sunshine and reflection.


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