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Rouch Earbud Walnut IX


  • Solution: JL6963 V5.0
  • Speaker: Brass 6MM Working distance: 10m music time: hours
  • Standby time: 250 hours
  • Battery capacity: 2*50mAh
  • Charge box capacity: 240mAh
  • Charging port: TYPE-C
  • Material: Walnut wood

Packing details:

  • single earbud weight: 5g
  • Product Weight: 39g
  • Package size: 60*70*100mm
  • Product package: 130g


Style on Rouch Wooden Earbuds: A Combination of Fashion and Innovation. Are you looking for wood, zero cable ear buds with no idea of what ones to settle for? Buy Rouch wooden earbuds for your phones’ splendid sound quality. Natural wooden housing ensures that the ear bud produce deep bass sound. The wireless ear buds comprise a rock-solid construction with slight form factor and are amazingly lightweight. Rouch wooden ear buds are
fashion-conscious, with an ergonomic design. Compatibility with and all music devices is a guaranteed aspect. Look no further when looking for high quality material and not easily breakable wooden ear buds. You will not go wrong if you are in need of hands-free, high-fidelity ear buds as these Rouch ear buds assure you of comfort, good quality, and above all a recognized brand.


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