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  • Rose gold lenses
  • Ebony laminated wood
  • 1.1 Tac polarized lenses
  • Square shape
  • 100% protection from dangerous sunrays
  • Cat 3 UV400 protection
  • Frame suitable for medium to large faces
  • Each pair includes a durable carrying case
  • Measurement: 147 > 13 > 147


The low-key sophisticated sunglasses are packed with performance expertise for people on the go. Rouch wooden sunglasses offer 100% protection from detrimental sunrays and are made of ebony laminated wood hence environmentally friendly and highly durable. The tac polarized sunglasses reduce reflection and glare thereby enabling the user to see clearly in nearly all circumstances where sunlight may cause exasperating and possibly hazardous glare from substances like glass and water.


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