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Why Wooden Sunglasses Better than Regular Plastic Sunglasses

Susceptibility to Temperature Fluctuations

Wooden frames are stiffer and highly susceptible to fluctuations in temperature. Wooden-framed sunglasses lack chinks to provide enough room for movement. Wooden frames also retain their original state regardless of changes in heat and cold as compared to plastic frames which change in texture and appearance.

Wooden Sunglasses Are Significantly Lighter as Compared to Plastic Glasses

Wooden frames are generally very light that you can hardly feel them. These frames are characterized by durability and comfort over the plastic ones which wear off easily. You would particularly want to utilize the utmost comfort associated with wooden sunglasses when are you using them for a prolonged time.

Stylish and Biodegradable

Environmentally mindful consumers will prefer wooden sunglasses as this choice is a manifestation of responsible purchase. The wood that makes these sunglasses is derived from sustainable forests. The plastic frames can also be easily tinted hence different designs may be crafted bearing exceptional decorations and prints. The wooden frames will have a great appearance on any person depending on their preferences. Wooden framed sunglasses are not only strong and masculine but also warm and elegant. It is also hard to screw up whenever you are picking a pair, even though one has to consider their purchase wisely and judiciously so that they can have the glasses that they love.

Frame shape

Wood is notable for its flexibility to be molded into different shapes hence the many classic-styled sunglasses. The wayfarer design, which is a popular choice for shoppers can only be found in wooden sunglasses. The majority of the famous sunglass designs such as the rounded frames and the classic aviator style are wooden-framed. These sunglasses are renowned for their considerably softer appearance which can sometimes bear complex designs.

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