• Pink lenses
  • Ebony veneer wood
  • Helps in adjusting contrast
  • Minimizes eye strain
  • Provides comfort to the eyes
  • Favorable in majority of the weather conditions
  • Enhances visual depth
  • Offers perfect road visibility
  • 1.1Tac polarized lens
  • Cat 3 UV protection
  • Measurement: 140 > 18 > 148


Aviator Pink lens sunglasses provide comfort to the eyes and help them adjust to varying contrast. The amazingly beautiful rose-tinted lenses are great in enhancing the depth of vision hence improving driving visibility. The Rouch collections product is common with winter sports fans out on the slopes as they cherish the rosy tinted lenses. The lens tint is common amongst gamers and computer users owing to the pink lenses which minimize eye strain. Rouch wooden sunglasses are durable, comfortable, environmentally friendly, and also promotes Health and Wellbeing.


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