About us

Rouch collections are the most exciting, inventive and unique International Nigerian fashion brand, creating ultra desirable accessories out of nothing more than humble pieces of wood. Our most popular products include polarized sunglasses, vintage clutch purses, bowties, cufflinks,and corsages for both men and women, but to simply list them doesn’t do them justice. What makes them special is the level of love and effort and creativity put into them, the sheer desire to create really great fashion in a really great way.

Our Goal is to bring back the vintage wooden accessories into the modern World.We passionately believe in cross culture pollination of human beings from different backgrounds interacting and inspiring each other.This leads to a cycle of creativity with everyone sharing their ideas .That’s the signature of who we are and why we stand as Rouch Collections.

This passion for invention and ideas informs the way we go about making our products. We allow ourselves the freedom to experiment with different techniques, machines and materials, we travel to different continents in order to inspect the quality of our materials and products, and we hand sign everything we’ve created so you know it’s been treated with love and care. We pride ourselves on our obsessive attention to detail, our steely determination to only offer the very best products, and as a result of our processes, we believe we do just that.

We also respect that every person has their own individual tastes and desires, and that nothing would be worse than everyone blindly conforming to the same fashion trends. That’s why we offer a bespoke accessory service in which we customize products to the whims of specific clients. This has proved a popular offering, with numerous V.I.P clients taking advantage of our skills. We’re delighted that people appreciate our commitment to the best raw materials, superior craftsmanship, and innovation. It thrills us that there are people that share our values, and want to support our business as a result.

From the day we first started selling our accessories, we at Rouch were determined to carve out a distinctive identity that we could be proud of, and we believe that’s exactly what we’ve done. We actively embrace being a small company, because if we were an outrageously rich corporation we couldn’t devote the care and attention to each individual item that we currently do. That’s what makes what we sell special, it’s how we’ve carved out our own little niche in the market place, and it’s how we plan to continue operating. If you want to accessorize with completely unique, beautiful items, we’re exactly the fashion company you’ve been looking for.